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Feb 11, 2013 6:00am EST
to restore service. >>> and news out of the vatican about the pope. if you haven't seen it, we'll bring you that, as well. it's monday, february 11th, 2013. "squawk box" begins right now. >>> good morning. i'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen. becky is off. . breaking news, the vatican has just announced the pope will be resigning on february 28th. >>> the blizzard brought as much as three feet of snow to some areas in the northeast. here is the massachusetts governor. >> we're, woulding hard to make sure that the t is fully functional by the morning commute. utilities seem to be making progress. >> bertha coombs will join us with the latest from power outages to grounded flights. then, of course, there is the topics of the markets. earnings season is winding down. only 53 s&p 500 companies set to report. one event to watch, janet yellen is scheduled to speak on the economy today and our guest host this hour will be the former managing director at pimco. he's currently the share of global societies of fellows. and also we have rebecca patterson. we've got a lot to did you discuss wi
Feb 25, 2013 6:00am EST
down this week. today the vatican announced he has changed the rules of the conclave that will elect his successor allowing cardinals to move up the start date before the usual 15-day transition between pontiff -- between popes. >> thanks, beck. the expiration of some serious spending cuts are just days away. despite the summit and the bills to help squelch the drastic cuts no compromise is seen. and yet roger altman is chairman and founder of evercore partner and former deputy treasury secretary. good morning, roger. >> hey, joe. >> trying to figure out how to approach this with you. it's -- discretionary is not our problem. and we already sort of snow that. and there are those -- >> well i'm not sure everybody knows that. but i agree with you. >> yeah. and entitlements are the big issue. and 85 billion when you look at the growth of the federal budget, you know we're really. it's still going to grow. we're going to cut it a little. i can't imagine that you or people in your camp think $85 billion, if you found the right places, is undoable. is your main problem with this the -- the
Feb 27, 2013 6:00am EST
audience is today. the vatican very busy again today. >> i wonder as a business network whether we stay there. probably not to the extent that we did with this. maybe we don't need -- i don't want to mess this up for you. maybe -- as long as you're there, i was thinking you should stay for that. this again, what markets would we quote after the story? it doesn't really -- >> well, except for that you never know what will happen with the next term with the italian parliament. you know, michelle made the point that it stepped off the front page for today. on monday it was ruling the roost and could come back at any point. >> someone needs to be there for the return of the lira. >> well, that's true. >> right. exactly. >> true. >> one way to think about it. >> if we get a new pope and he is infallible, i'd like to know whether we end higher or lower if the year. if we would -- we could see that -- >> not available on everything. only when he says he's speaking with infallibility. you know that. >> we'll get him to speak -- >> can you tell us with infallibility where the market's headed --
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3